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64 Bit - CABINET VISION 2022
xRender app - CABINET VISION 2022
Sectioned drawer - CABINET VISION 2022


Version 2022.0 of CABINET VISION has been boosted from 32bit to 64bit, delivering a larger memory footprint and seamless integration for our 1000s of users also operating the latest versions of Hexagon’s leading CAM solution, ALPHACAM.

A great enhancement for designers is the expansion of the +Tour App into a new CV xRender App. This update in the latest version enables you to easily transfer a scene to the App and offload the photorealistic rendering task while continuing to work in CABINET VISION. xRender is now faster with higher resolution image generation, delivering more impactful scenes for customer presentations.

We have also modernised CABINET VISION’s databases by bringing all Product Catalogs and Drawing Libraries into the CVData datastore and upgraded other user databases to a newer format for improved compatibility.

These updates for Version 2022.0 of CABINET VISION are just the tip of the iceberg as we continue to strive to help cabinet and casegoods manufacturers craft high quality products in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


We have taken CABINET VISION from 32bit to 64bit, modernising the code base and increasing compatibility with ALPHACAM.

Database updates

Version 2022.0 also boosts compatibility with improved databases for Product Catalogs, Drawing Libraries, Bidding and Reporting data, and more.

New xRender App

The 64bit XRender App can now run independently of CABINET VISION with faster and higher resolution image generation for captivating customer presentations.

New x2AC Multiplier

This new offering allows customers to send part and operation geometries to ALPHACAM for processing without the need for full-blown S2M CENTER. This multiplier will output ARD files ready for processing with ALPHACAM Automation.

Sectioned drawer improvements 

With Version 2022.0, communication of sectioned drawer assembly to the shopfloor is improved with full automation.

Additional Features

  • Nailer notch type for dividers and partitions
  • System hatches no longer read only
  • Setup package user experience update
  • Object catalogs added to setup packages
  • Export 3D views to DWG
  • ORDX option for transmit to factory
  • SketchUp import updated to Version 2020
  • Delete all option for UCS’s

Learn more about how CABINET VISION’s new features and flexible, customized, and cost-effective licensing can help your business grow: