Introduction Webinar


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See how CABINET VISION | 2021 can increase your sales and productivity

CABINET VISION makes it simple for furniture, woodworking, or casegood manufacturers of all sizes to play to their strengths, by using a single, fully modular software package to go from design to manufacture.
Enhanced usability makes it even easier to visualise and efficiently perform a full range of tasks, while responding to changing design requirements, whether making high-end bespoke pieces or basic elements.
Find out more about how this highly scalable and cost-effective solution can
enable you to support sales and increase productivity.

Webinar: Thursday 10th December 11:00 AM UK Time


  • Division of critical functions into a greater number of customisable choices
  • Customers can create a solution that addresses specific company needs
  • Additional tools: “multipliers” now available to multiply the power of core basic functions
  • Advanced abilities available for each multiplier
  • Ability to engineer shadowline (handle-less doors and drawers)