S2M Center CNC Chop Saw Machinery Partners

The S2M Center industry partnership program certifies that the S2M Center’s products have been successfully tested for compatibility with other vendor products within the wood working industry. Customers can take comfort in knowing that S2M Center Partner products can be seamlessly integrated for use in their shops in a quick and efficient manner.


Koch logoKoch Machinery

Almost 50 years of experience and continuous technological innovation have made KOCH worldwide a leading manufacturer of machinery for better woodworking. A machine from KOCH is not built in some large-quantity mass produced series, but by a qualified team armed with the knowledge and expertise to reach our clients highest standards. KOCH is a specialist in sawing – shaping – drilling – gluing – dowel insertion.



Omga logoOmga

OMGA, Inc. distributes and services industrial woodworking equipment throughout North America, manufactured by its parent company OMGATECH S.r.l., a worldwide leader since 1960, with businesses in more than 60 countries around the world.



RazorGage logoRazorGage

A Better Saw Stop. The RazorGage programmable saw stop or automatic fence is the foundation of the RazorGage product line. While RazorGage may not be quite as well known as our competitors, we have been quietly and steadily gaining a reputation for producing the best built, most accurate, and best supported saw stop available. While typically used for precise positioning of lineal stock for crosscut sawing, the unique combination of accuracy, reliability, and programmable flexibility of the Razorgage has led to its integration with drills, notchers, panel saws, and more.



TigerStop logoTigerStop 

TigerStop® LLC, is the global leader in stop/gauge and pushers systems. Founded in 1994, we have deep roots in manufacturing industries and work closely with furniture, cabinet, electronics, plastics, and metalworking customers around the globe. Our customers have installed over 20,000 TigerStops in a wide variety of factory automation applications.




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